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M.Tech (Civil Engineering)

The Department was established in the year 2007 with a batch of 73 students joining the 3rd semester, under the Guidance of Dr. S.K.Sood (Professor & Chairman), Retd Professor NIT Kurukshetra. The Department was established in newly constructed building housing 08 Laboratories and 03 well furnished Lecture Halls and 02 Tutorial Rooms. The Laboratories include Structural Mechanics, Surveying, Concrete Testing, Geotechnology, Transportation, Environmental Engg., Fluid Mechanics and Computer Application. Structural Mechanics Lab includes the study of working models of the various structures mainly the analysis to determine the reactions, forces, deformations and verification of Theorems. Surveying Lab includes the study of features on the ground and to make a plan of the same by using different instruments such as Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Dumpy Level, Plane Table, Compass, Tangent Clinometers and many more. Concrete Testing, as the name indicates includes the testing of cement and concrete for various properties such as hardness, fineness, compressive strength, Workability etc. using Compression Testing Machine, Sieve Sets, Vicat”s Needle Apparatus, etc.

Geotechnology Lab includes the testing of soils for the various properties using Triaxial Testing Machine, Direct shear Test Apparatus, etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab includes the study of flow of water, with various internal properties of the water studied by Open Channel flume, Stoke’s Law, Forced Vortex, Free Vortex, Reynolds Apparatus etc. Computer application Lab gives the facility to learn the new and competitive Software related to Civil Engineering. Environmental Lab includes the testing of waste water, Sewerage, industrial waste etc, and to study the properties so that these could be treated for reuse. Transportation Lab includes the testing of the road material such as bitumen, aggregates etc, required for the laying of roads.


M.Tech. (Civil Engg.) - 18 Seats


Key features of the Department:-

  • Excellent Teacher- Student Ratio i.e 1:5.
  • Excellent teaching learning process through modern teaching aids like LCD Projector & OHP.
  • 24 Hrs Internet connectivity in all labs.
  • Syllabus beyond curriculum to enhance practical knowledge of students.
  • Extra classes without fee for weak student during summer vacation.

Co-Curriculam Activities:-

Apart from curriculum,our students have been participating in various tech fests and non technical programs organized at intra and intra-college level and won various prizes.