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It is my proud privilege to congratulate the parents who have reposed their faith in us and got their wards admitted to HCTM, Kaithal. This institution has already proved its maturity in realization and implementation of targets. Each year, it has been able to attract more and more students due to its excellent infrastructure and learned faculty. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that HCTM is going to take a new step in direction of higher studies by introducing M.Tech programmes in Computer Science Engg. (CSE) and Electronics & Communication Engg. (ECE). I hope that this step is going to prove a milestone in ever shining path of those who are and will be in close association with this prestigious institution. With high hope, I wish the students a bright future filled with joy and success. All great men of the world who have achieved pinnacles of success were not freaks of nature. Success did not fall in their laps from heaven. They sweated for it. Simple virtues of tenacity, willingness, readiness, alertness, courtesy and hard work will carry you further than mere passing the test. As we all know “In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” It means, we can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. So dear students join us; be the rock; be the force; be unstoppable, and stop all else!! Hope you stay along and enjoy the way to success. All the very best.

Er. Ranjan Agrawal

Now is the age of fast and flexible. The most amazing things are really happening today and the most impossible dreams are taking shape. Science and Technology are the master forces of today and the coming tomorrow. All the inventions of Science and Technology are big thoughts transformed into reality by people who believe in the fact that the impossible can happen. And HCTM is the place where the students get a platform to: “Start by doing what’s necessary then what’s possible, And suddenly they are doing the impossible.” I promise the faculty and staff of the institute will continue to strive to help our students become men and women of competence, compassion and commitment, as we have taken another big step towards climbing the ladder of success. The exuberant moment has come to congratulate HCTM, Kaithal for bringing in M.Tech programmes in the field of Computer Science & Engg. (CSE) and Electronics & Communication Engg. (ECE). It will definitely enhance the knowledge and broader the perspectives of the students. I am confident that knowledge and skills attained at HCTM Kaithal will enable the students to achieve professional excellence. I wish you good luck and success for your future.

Er. G.K.Sethi
Managing Director

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreams transform into thoughts, And thoughts result in action.

Nothing great was achieved by any individual without enthusiasm and interest. To generate enthusiasm, one requires deep interest, involvement and commitment towards whatever one is doing and towards whatever one wishes to achieve. Enthusiastic people can turn even very routine, mundane and boring job into thrilling, enjoyable and enthralling adventure. This is always a better way of doing a job and if you want to excel, you have to find that better way. Persistence is the main force which sustains your stamina and makes you go on working for your goal through thick and thin. In this world, everything perishes and will perish, but, ideas, ideals and dreams do not. That is the reason we, at HCTM Kaithal not only train but also imbibe the values, ethics, ideals, dreams and ‘no excuse Management’ in addition to practicing total quality management,. So, dear students just do your work at the right time with enthusiasm keeping in mind the presence of Almighty God. Action thus can never fail you. I wish you all the success and a bright future.

Dr. D.P.Gupta